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To know Mirvita is to dance at once between past, present and future.
On a breezy and magnanimous hill, rises the spirit of the winery,
a blend of passion for wine and for contemporary art.


The winery is located in the Apulia Sveva region, whose history is
intertwined with that of Puer Apuliae, Frederick II of Swabia, deeply
bound to this land and renamed by his contemporaries Stupor mundi.
The son of Emperor Henry IV and of Constance of Altavilla,
he enacted laws, built walls and castles in the Swabian Apulia.


The story behind the labels follows the creative path that is the basis of a high-profile
cultural project that reveals both a break and a continuity between past and future and
thus our time’s positive contemporaneity. Art labels in pure Suprematist style, expressing
beauty, harmony, nature and identity.


MIRVITA is a space to meet and share as well as express creativity. The
company is strongly committed to cultural research and the promotion of local
cultural sites. Some initiatives that have been realized:


  • We are delighted to announce that Mirvita Opificium Arte Vino will take part to the Gambero Rosso Vini d'Italia USA Tour 2019. On the 12th of June the tour will stop in San Diego, California for a

  • Our company, on the occasion of the Premio Nazionale Etichetta d'Oro for wine, oil, beer and spirits producers, will receive the special Mig prize for "Crearte in label and innovations in the cellar",

  • On Monday, August 10th, at the Tor Dé Falchi Agricultural Farm, will take place Calici di Stelle in Cantina 2015. The initiative joins the seventeenth edition of the "Calici di stelle" event, schedul