Community for Mirvita XXIst

The global dimension of the crisis caused by the pandemic and the uncertainty about the near future are changing the style of consumption and ways of buying wine, together with our way of interacting with others. All of us unable to move, online sales have registered unimaginable increases. Consumption styles are not necessarily linked only to meals as much as they are aimed at accompanying moments of leisure, meditation and moments of relaxation. In crisis situations, trying to manage the emergency may be better than chasing it. It is for this reason that it is important to launch the “Community for Mirvita XXI st”: a platform for sharing foundational values ​​such as solidarity, responsibility, beauty, harmony, sustainability. In short, a place to live and generously create together.
Il buco nero dell'animo umano
Il buco nero dell'animo umano
Mirvita is an Attractor of Development, Innovation and Cultra, the vanguard of the art of enology projected into the 21st century. Mirvita is a conductor of vital energy that will allow us to decipher a new relational grammar and to venture into an unknown land towards which we are heading. The Future is faced by rethinking our relationship with Nature and with the human condition. Pragmatically, with respect to Mirvita’s project development times, we anticipate a structural transition that characterizes its vision: to help prepare a new nascent humanity with the joy of living, sharing and building a sustainable and possible future together.Pragmaticamente, rispetto ai tempi di sviluppo progettuale di Mirvita, anticipiamo un passaggio strutturale che ne caratterizza la visione: contribuire a preparare una nuova umanità nascente con la gioia di vivere, di condividere e di costruire un futuro sostenibile e possibile insieme.
The main idea is to have a proactive drive towards the people / subjects with whom we interact in various ways (STAY CLOSE TO PEOPLE). The tools are watsup for its immediacy (DIRECT CONTACT) and the email for further information and for creating a deeper bond. Giving life to a COMMUNITY is a creative act that generates and receives energy from all its components. We share with people the mission of Mirvita, its values, the unique dimension of ARTESCIENZAUMANISIMO. As our elders used to say: There is no party without wine !! And without wine, no mass is sung! The economic crisis will affect: the disposable income and the purchasing power of families will suffer a reduction. Parsimony and Generosity are the points of reference. It is the dimension of social sustainability that must be combined with the environmental and economic-financial one. The quality / price ratio of Mirvita wines will always be competitive and will allow people to taste a good wine and appreciate a Progetto DiVino.

The Community’s operational model of social awareness is structured as follows:

a) Central coordination unit in Mirvita: Community base, order management, payments and delivery logistics; development of socio-cultural initiatives; planning of incoming activities

b) Identification of 50 hubs throughout the national territory

c) Identification of 50 international hubs

d) Each national and international hub governs 20 units of persons and / or Subjects