We have to be ambassador: Of stories,
Of tales,
Of emotions.
We are calles to be Vassals of hope, Leaders of dreams, Pioneers of passions.
We have to narrate What men produce
And what the earth sows.
We are called to diffuse The beauty of creation, And the passion of man.
Called to narrate how a man,
Who turns a small God on earth,
Can pick the looming, wild and fertile Nature To give it a new life and form
Creating in unison art and magic.
Called to narrate,
The Beauty of the world.

Emanuela Falcone

Millenary ROOTS

The winery is located in the Puglia Sveva region, whose history is intertwined with that
of Puer Apuliae, Frederick II of Swabia, deeply bound to this land and renamed by his contemporaries Stupor mundi. The son of Emperor Henry IV and of Constance of Altavilla, he enacted laws, built walls and castles in the Swabian Apulia.
Castel del Monte, the most famous Italian octagon, today a World Heritage Site, dominating Apulia and a worldwide wonder. A testimony to our millennial civilization.

The modernization of our wine culture is due to Giulio Bucci, innovative agrarian reformer and a protagonist in Italy’s post-unification period. He built the first monumental winery in post-Risorgimento Italy in Minervino Murge. He exported his wines to the Bordeaux region of France, and received numerous gold medals at the Universal Exhibition in Turin in 1884.
It is in this context of ancient winemaking traditions that the Tor de falchi winery was born, founded in 1990 by Donato di Gaetano, creator of the Mirvita Opificium ArteVino trademark.


To know Mirvita is to dance at once between past, present and future. On a breezy and magnanimous hill, rises the spirit of the winery, a blend of passion for wine and for contemporary art.
The wine cellar is summation and image of an lofty project, which blends culture, encounters, love of wine and the projection of oneself. In its form and idea Mirvita was inspired by Kazimir Malevich, the avant-garde Russian painter, pioneer of contemporary art and founder of Suprematism.

Through Suprematism Malevich places the supremacy of pure artistic sensibility
in the center of his research. The exteriority of the geometric forms becomes a metaphor and instrument for a reality that does not end at a superficial observation, but penetrates space and the point where it is located, driving and stimulating the observer to penetrate the static reality of things by observing the beauty of their forms, contemplating the interplay of interweaving among them. The object, the form, is dismembered from the mere acceptance of self, becoming the bastion of a personal all-round vision of a reality which is seen and lived.

Visiting the winery, listening to the dreams, projects and foundations therein, means becoming aware of the wealth of one’s own land, often forgotten, that re-emerge, with new life, becoming a focus
of interest and fascination.
It is to discover the Sanctuary dedicated to wine barrels, immersed in lights that penetrate the tufaceous arches, and a music that reconciles one with a peace found therein. The many kinds of wood that harbor gold and among myricae that recount a tale, the century-old one of our world of wine.
Wine expresses not only the vines of its ancestors but the traits of the hills where they are bred, the nature of the soil, the temperament of the seasons, the art of the wine growers, the restful cellars where it matures.