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On a breezy and magnanimous hill, rises the spirit of the winery, a blend of passion both for the production of wines of excellence and contemporary art. In its form and idea Mirvita was inspired by Kazimir Malevich, the avant-garde Russian painter, pioneer of contemporary art and founder of Suprematism.
Through Suprematism Malevich places the pure artistic sensibility at the center of his research. The exteriority of the geometric forms becomes a metaphor and instrument for a reality that does not end at a superficial observation driving and stimulating the observer to penetrate the static reality of things by observing the beauty of their forms, contemplating the interplay of interweaving among them.

Visiting the winery means becoming aware of the wealth of one’s own land, often forgotten, that reemerge becoming a focus of interest and fascination. It means discovering the sanctuary dedicated to the wine barrels, immersed in lights that penetrate the tufaceous arches.
To know Mirvita is to truly and literally feel the roots of the soil with one’s senses and one’s touch. Three large windows frame six meters of open-air terrain, where the clay, sand and limestone layers alternate, one after the other, creating a natural painting.