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The winery is located in the Apulia Sveva region, whose history is intertwined with that of Puer Apuliae, Frederick II of Svevia, deeply bound to this land and renamed by his contemporaries Stupor mundi.
The son of Emperor Henry IV and of Constance of Altavilla, he enacted laws, built walls and castles in the Svevian Apulia. Castel del Monte, the most famous Italian octagonal castle, today a World Heritage Site, dominating Apulia and a worldwide wonder. A testimony to our millennial civilization.

The wine-making modernization of our area is due to Giulio Bucci, innovative agrarian reformer and a protagonist in the Italian post-unification period who built one of the first monumental wine cellars of his time in Minervino Murge.
He exported his wines to the Bordeaux region of France and received numerous gold medals for his wines at the Universal Exhibition in Turin in 1884.

It is in this context of ancient wine making traditions that Mirvita was born, founded in 1990 by Donato di Gaetano, founder of Mirvita Opificium Arte Vino.